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​​Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary

We are a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit

EIN# 47-5488900. All Donations are tax deductible.



Due to circumstances beyond our control- we have had to cancel.

Thank you for your understanding.

Black Dawg Farm And Sanctuary in Carnation

Adopt- Don't Shop!

When deciding to add a new pet to your family...always adopt. You would be surprised how many purebred and young animals end up in shelters or kill pens. Don't forget, older animals too...they are generally settled, trained and or housebroken.

What to expect.

Happy animals in their environment of course! Again poop. No matter how many times we clean up after them, they will make a mess. They like to roll in the dirt and or mud. Our animals are friendly, however, like people they have mood swings and somedays they just want to chill out.


Dress Code

Farms have poop. Plan on wearing appropriate footwear. Jeans, tee shirts and sweat shirts are great! Our animals are friendly and may slobber on you.



Like many rescues, our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and educate. However, we provide a life long sanctuary for our adopted animals, while giving people who might not have contact with farm animals a hands on experience. Our eventual goal is to share our "farmily" with disadvantage children and teens , as a way to connect and build emotional and mental well being.

Spay and Neuter 

So may wonderful animals end  up in shelters, auctions and kill pens due to unplanned breedings. Spaying and neutering your pet allows them to live longer, happier and more productive lives. Testicular cancer is not uncommon in dogs, as well as pyometria ( puss filled uterus) in cats, dogs and other female animals.

We need your  Help!


Please call and or email first to arrange a time with us

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